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This is a prototype game for Game Off 2019



Alyssa is a girl with a special power. She can view the world from a four-dimensional-time-space perspective. She can "travel" to the world that is several seconds earlier than where she is from. With this power, she can go back to a certain time point to turn everything to her advantage and what's more, she can even utilize the "former herself" to do something impossible with herself alone. Now, she is trapped in an mysterious place that is full of terror and danger. She needs to get out of this place.


[The Time Travel Mechanics & Utilize the "Former You"]

The idea of time manipulation in our game sounds very similar to the famous and classic game BRAID. However, "going to the former world" is different from "rewinding the time". The precise explanation of the time mechanic in our game is as follow: 
The protagonist "travels" to a parallel universe which is completely the same with the universe where she comes except that it is several seconds earlier. Then the protagonist enters this parallel universe by "superposing" herself to the exact same position from the universe where she came from. This is very similar to the time travel in the movie Avengers: Endgame.

The most important thing is, when you go to the world in the past, you shall see the "former" YOU. In fact, the core idea of our game is to "utilize"your former self, such as letting the your former self hold a door for you, standing on the your former self to jump higher, etc. (I don't want to spoil too much here). Utilizing the former self sounds like a simple mechanics at first, but remember, you can do time-traveling many times, so that there can not only be "former you" but also "former former you" and even "former former former you"... So, make sure you have really understood the explanation of time traveling in this game, or you can get confused at times XD. Also, we have put some restriction on your former self: first, the your former sef can exist for only six seconds(because you and the former you have some sort of power conflicts); second, there should be at most three "YOUs" in one world, or you are not able to go to that world.

The kiwifruit in the 4th level is an item that let you and your "latest former you" exchange position.


  • ←, →: Movement
  • space: Jump
  • Hold [left shift] to enter the "four-dimensional-time-space vision" which freezes the time in the current world, and then use [A,D] to control the time point you want to travel back to

[Notes from the Devs]

Although Game Off 2019 is a one-month game jam, we joined the jam just one week ago... because our team members are really busy this month. Therefore, we don't have too much time to delve into the level design of our game and currently, there are only four levels in our game and we also don't have the time to design the boss level... We are so sorry for such a short game experience but we will complete this game after this game jam.

[Dev Team Members]

Code & Game Design | DrCarlLuo
Level Design |  MisdeerLin
Artist | YanRu


The protagonist character is made by Thomas: https://thomas-lean.itch.io/assets
Tileset & traps textures: https://pixel-frog.itch.io/pixel-adventure-1 
Turret Texture: https://ansimuz.itch.io/warped-city
Background Texture: https://vnitti.itch.io/glacial-mountains-parallax-background
Some sound effects from freesound.org
BGM Yume(「夢」) by "Amacha Music Studio"(「甘茶の音楽工房」)

Published 10 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Tags2D, Pixel Art


TimeSpaceLeaper.zip 24 MB
TimeSpaceLeaper_Mac.zip 42 MB


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Really awesome game. I am still stuck on the first level but i am enjoying it a lot. It is a cool concept. I just have one suggestion, make jump as the up arrow key and make it so that you can change the controls.



Very cool game! 

Hah! Thank you so much for the video! It seems that you beat the game even faster than myself...

Very, very nice game, I enjoyed it a lot

Glad you have fun with our game XD. Thank you!